Should You Repair Or Replace Your Aircon?

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Should you repair or replace your aircon? If your aircon is frequently breaking down in between use or if you have noticed that it no longer performs its duties, we know that you are now facing a dilemma on choosing whether to repair or replace the aircon unit. Is it too soon for a replacement? Would repairing your aircon be the best choice for long term use? Would a new aircon system be more efficient and convenient? Will replacing my old unit give me the functions that I need? These are the various questions that must be running through  your mind.

If your aircon is not working properly or not turning on at all, you have an utmost decision ahead of you. Deciding on the better outcome of your situation, whether to repair or replace. The right decision depends on you, which is why you should ask yourself these questions before proceeding.

How Old Is The System You’re Currently Using?

When deciding on an aircon replacement versus repairs, aircon technicians recommend that units ten or more years in age be replaced. Although some aircon units may hang on for just a few more years, they would definitely lose their energy efficiency as time goes on. In addition, this could cost you more with excessive energy bills. The lifespan of an aircon is limited. In most cases, an aircon unit needs to be replaced within 15 to 25 years as part supply becomes scarce. If the aircon hasn’t been properly serviced or maintained, its average lifespan could be as short as 10 years.

Has The Unit Been Properly Maintained?

If your aircon cannot handle your demands, especially during the change of seasons. In addition, breaking down multiple times within the span of one year, It is possible that repairing your aircon may not be the solution for you. There are cases where repairs add up considerably as time goes on which could equate to the same amount as having purchased a new unit initially.

A lack of proper maintenance and servicing can put significant strain on an aircon which depreciates the effectiveness. You may find that it’s better to replace your unit and put more effort into maintenance once the new unit has been installed. An aircon will not be able to efficiently and effectively cool a home without regular maintenance service.

Is Your Current System Serving Your Needs?

A simple maintenance technique that can help prolonging the system’s lifespan is having support. Our advice is to have your aircon fixed against a fence or wall with brackets. You need to consult a technician if this would align in your best interests. 

Keep the area clear, making sure that landscaping is between 2-3 meters away in order to avoid obstructing airflow which may cause the unit to be less energy efficient, have a shorter life span and in result may need repairs. Also we do recommend plenty of shade, as we feel cooler in the shade, so does our air conditioner. We promote a micro-climate with taller trees that won’t obstruct the airflow of the system.

What Would Be The Cost For Replacement?

Depending on when you buy your aircon, and the model that you decide to purchase. There may be a better period during the year to make your shopping. Some suppliers will have deals on their aircon and there might be models that are being supplanted that will be sold at limited costs. It is important to remember to make sure that you will buy an aircon that will match your output requirements because it is cheap and may bring other long-term costs.

Is Your Unit Energy Efficient?

When you’re evaluating your aircon system, another factor to consider is its energy efficiency. If you have an aircon that isn’t energy efficient, it’s likely that you’re spending a lot on utility bills. These kinds of expenses can really add up over time. 

If you replace your old aircon with a new one that’s more energy efficient, you’ll be paying more upfront. However, if you’re spending less to use your air conditioner, then eventually, your old model will wind up paying for itself. Of course, before you upgrade your old aircon, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Remember that a lack of aircon service or maintenance can negatively impact aircon performance. If you’re not changing or cleaning  your filter regularly, that could be the reason for your high utility bills.

Do You Have A Mismatched System?

Some aircon systems actually consist of two separate units. Therefore, it’s possible for only one of these units to be replaced, leaving you with a system that is mismatched. Hence, if you have a mismatched system in your house, it’s likely that it’s having an impact on the efficiency of your aircon. An aircon system will run more efficiently when both units are designed to work together. You need to check if your current system is mismatched. If it is mismatched, you may find that it’s better to replace both units and install a more efficient system.

Is Your Current System Serving Your Needs?

Are you happy with the performance of your current aircon system? If you are frustrated by your aircon before these issues, then you might want to switch the old model out for something that’s a better fit for you. It could be possible that your current air conditioner isn’t the right size to keep your home cool. In this case, you’ll want to see if you can upgrade to an air conditioner that will get the job done. It’s worth spending more for a trusted and efficient aircon system.

What Do Experts Recommend?

If you’re not sure what to do next, you should have your aircon assessed by a professional. Professionals will be able to tell you more about the problems you’re dealing with and what your next step should be. Regardless if those experts advise you to replace your old unit or recommend repairs, you should listen to their advice. Experts look at aircon regularly. If they’re giving you particular suggestions, you can safely assume that it’s for a good reason. 

Always take expert advice or suggestions on board when making a decision. It might be difficult to decide whether an aircon should be repaired or replaced. If you’re having difficulty deciding, ask yourself the questions above. Whether you opt to repair your unit or replace it with a new one, these questions will help you to make a decision that you feel comfortable with. You need to make sure that you find a solution that will keep your home cool and comfortable.

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