heat your home on a budget

The Best way to Heat your Home on a Budget

The best way to heat your home during winter with the current gas and electricity price rises depends on various factors such as your location, the size and layout of your home, your budget, and your personal preferences. 

Our first piece of advice is that you DO NOT DO use a charcoal smoker or charcoal BBQ to heat your home especially when inside the home no matter how expensive gas and electricity is, this is the most dangerous option and can cause deadly carbon monoxide. 

Australia has experienced several episodes of near life deaths due to using Charcoal BBQs and cookers; last year, 9 News Sydney reported a family located in Western Sydney was poisoned with carbon monoxide.

charcoal bbq risks

The best and most economical source of heating is with natural gas however there are some locations and areas where natural gas is not supported in the area or to your home so I will give you the best options when there is no natural gas available in your area. However, you may want to check with your neighbours or call your local authority to see if gas is available in your area or at your home. Getting gas is cost-effective and may be a cheaper and better way to run your heating during this winter.

For Homes with No Natural Gas

The initial investment for an electric heater is relatively low, making it an attractive choice for those seeking immediate warmth without a significant upfront expense. Despite their cost-effectiveness in terms of purchase, it’s essential to be aware that electric heaters might incur higher electricity bills compared to other heating alternative such as natural gas:

  • The best option is to use your reverse-cycle split system or ducted system air conditioner. These systems work by extracting heat from outside air and bringing it into your house. They can use as little as one-fifth of the energy of a traditional electric heater. To have your system running efficiently get your system run efficiently with a service and coil clean so it can perform at optimal efficiency speak to us at Service Today to get your system services and coil cleaned.
  • A traditional electrical heater that plugs into a powerpoint is another option. However, not the most preferred compared to the first option. If you are considering a plug in electrical heater a convection type electric heater is more efficient, low emissions and runs better technology.

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For Homes with Natural gas

Gas heaters can be another efficient and cost-effective option for heating rooms, especially if your home is larger. They are cheaper to run long-term than electric or using a reverse-cycle split system or ducted system air conditioner. Gas heaters also tend to warm up very cold areas quicker and work better when outside temperatures are below 5 degrees.

  • Whole house gas ducted systems work extremely well and most of the time you can get them up to 7 star energy efficient rating. With zoned-heating capability, this unit provides complete control over individual comfort needs, allowing you to save money through only heating the zones you are using and can instantly warm a home, these are better for climates that hit below 5 degrees.

  • Gas wall furnaces are another good alternative but the downside of this is it’s only limited to heating a room rather than an entire house  like the above option. The heater utilises a powered flue system – safely expelling combustion emissions outside, leaving you in cosy warm comfort inside.

  • Gas fireplaces are not a bad alternative and will heat up the entertainment area well however these types of systems need to comply with current standards and should be room sealed. Power flue or direct vent technology is another alternative, drawing air from the outside into the home keeping fumes and moisture away.

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