fight period poverty

Service Today committed to fight period poverty

Share The Dignity works to make a real difference in the lives of women, girls and those who menstruate who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness, domestic  violence or poverty. The goal is to distribute period products for those in need and achieve
menstrual equality in Australia.

During the months of March and August, Share the Dignity drives are aiming to collect 500,000 period products to help end period poverty, helping women and girls to face adversity with dignity during menstruation.

Menstruating isn’t a choice but for some women experiencing period poverty often have to choose between purchasing period products or other essentials items just to get by.

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Share The Dignity accepts all brand new products in original packaging including pads,  maternity pads, tampons, reusable pads, period-proof underwear, menstrual cups and incontinence products.

At Service Today our team has stepped forward with a resounding commitment to this cause into becoming a collection point, where all our team members can contribute throughout the year.

The impact of this contribution extends far beyond the material items. Each donation is a testament to the company’s belief in the power of collective action to make a tangible difference in our community.

Fight Period Poverty

Help make an impact on the lives of women, girls and those who menstruate have a free and dignified access to period products. Become a volunteer or simply donate to Share The Dignity here.