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What is an Electrical Emergency? 2022

What is an electrical emergency?

An electrical emergency may be a variety of residential situations that make your electrical system dangerous or inoperable. These electrical situations may include sparking or overheating appliances, a burning smell from electrical outlets and power outages. An electrical emergency may pose a risk to the home and people within compromising the safety of occupants. There may even be situations where utility costs are being severely affected by electrical usage.

Emergency Electrician

When to call an emergency electrician?

An emergency electrician can be contacted 24/7. Service Today expert local electricians are on call as part of our 24/7 emergency electrical service, whether you’ve noticed your power points or appliances have been sparking, you can smell something electrical burning or you’ve had a blackout in the middle of the night, you can rely on Service Today to save the day.

Fault detection 

According to numbers provided by the NSW Government, 40% of the Australian home fires are caused by electrical failures. If left unnoticed a faulty wiring, sparking power points or a burning smell can become one of the worst electrical emergencies. If you have any suspicion of an electrical fault in your home, our experts will attend and perform a fault detection analysis to determine if there is a fault and fix it.

How do I know if I have an electrical fault?

  • If your energy cuts out when you’re using certain appliances, this could be an early sign of a potential fault hazard in your wiring.

  • If you noticed any mini sparks around your appliances, or that your power points keep overheating.

  • A burning smell or marks around power points.

  • Crackling sounds behind your walls or you see any lights flickering in your home.

When to call an emergency electrician?

Surge Protection

Has your home been hit by a lightning storm in the middle of the night and you’re worried about potential electrical surges damaging your whole system? Service Today is on the job. Whether you need some protection after a surge or you are looking for something to help prevent further damage, our expert technicians can arrive on your doorstep in no time to install a surge protector device that can absorb the extra electricity flow.

What is a surge protector?

This first stage addresses a power spike before it enters your property. Generally located at the electricity switchboard, this surge protector device will prevent voltage fluctuations in the main power grid from entering your home’s system and will alert you about the status of your power supply and when the voltage goes beyond the threshold.

Service Today is here to make sure you are protected against any future electrical surges, which can potentially wipe out all of your appliances at once and leave you with a heavy replacement bill. Call the licensed electricians at Service Today, so we can install a surge protection device directly at your appliance power supply sooner rather than later and make sure you’re covered.

Switchboard repairs 

Your switchboard takes on a huge electrical load, and if it’s old or faulty, it can cause a blown fuse or a power outage at your home. That’s why Service Today is here to make sure that your switchboard can take on the weight it’s supposed to, or if it fails, to repair it so that your home is back up and your electrical system is running smoothly.

Surge Protection

Power points

Are your power points old or faulty, and you’ve noticed some sparking or a burning smell whenever appliances are plugged in or out?

We highly value you, your family and your home’s safety, which is why we provide regular inspections of your electrical systems. We’ll make sure everything is working as it should be, and that you’re protected against any hazards or danger.

We know just how important power points are to charge devices and power our appliances. If your home doesn’t have enough to cover all your technology, Service Today can provide the best power points that are suited to your home’s electrical load.

If you’ve noticed your power points are sparking or overheating whenever appliances are plugged in or out, call Service Today immediately, and we can prevent an electrical disaster at your home. 

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How long will an emergency electrician take? 

This depends on the severity of the job, our Service Today Electricians will work as efficiently as possible to minimise damage and perform all repairs. This may range from half an hour to several hours.

Why Service Today? 

Electrical Emergencies can happen at any time. We understand how stressful this can be, especially when you need an emergency electrician ASAP!

At Service Today, your problem is our priority – no matter the time of day. We know that electrical emergencies can pop up with no warning. Our expert local electricians are on call as part of our 24/7 emergency electrical service.

We’re local to you, with fully licensed technicians based in and around the Greater Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane areas, so you don’t have to stress or wait to have your electrical emergency issue solved.

We will send our team of skilled technicians straight to you with a fully-stocked vehicle including the latest electrical technology and tools so that you can rest assured that we’re prepared to take on any job – big or small. 

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Who to call during an electrical emergency?

If you require an emergency electrician in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane or Melbourne contact Service Today. Service Today provides the most highly recommended expert electricians in Australia. So, if you require an emergency electrical service, don’t hesitate to call us now on 1300 859 383 for a competitive quote.

If your emergency possesses immediate threat or there are any injuries caused, please contact 000 for police, fire and ambulance.

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