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As Spring Sets In, a Guide to Cleaning Your Air Con

As Spring Sets In, a Guide to Cleaning Your Air Con

The good old air conditioner is probably the last place people think to spring clean. With air temperatures starting to rise, air conditioner cleaning has more benefits than you’d think. Aside from pumping cleaner air, taking care of your air-con can lower your power bill, keep your unit lasting longer and also reduce allergies and keep bugs at bay. Service Today will happily clean your unit to ensure the best running and the greatest health benefits.  If you’d like to take a look yourself, here are three quick ways to spring-clean your air conditioner. Before you start, make sure the unit is switched off.

The Filter

Think of the filter as the ‘lungs’ of your air conditioner unit. If the filter is dirty, then so is the air that pumps through it. Most units have a front grille that can be removed to reveal the filter and most filters can be washed or vacuumed. Before accidentally doing any damage, call one of our technicians.

Clean the Coil

If you notice that the airflow isn’t as strong as it used to be, the coil might need cleaning. Usually located behind the filter, the coil and condenser can collect dust and debris, stifling the flow and pumping debris back out. You can use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to gently clean the coil but if that doesn’t work, give us a call.

Inside and Out

It’s not just the inside of the unit that needs cleaning. If you can reach the outside, remove the dirt and leaves from your unit; use a broom and give it a good sweep. Your air conditioning unit is probably sucking air from the outside in, so make sure that the surrounding trees and branches are trimmed back, giving the unit plenty of air.

If you’ve had your unit for a couple of years or suffer from allergies and asthma, you may need to clean the unit more often. If your unit is in a hard-to-reach place or you’d rather someone else clean it for you, give our team a call. We offer an extensive air conditioner cleaning service. A regular service will leave your air fresher and cleaner and keep your unit working longer.

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