Gutter Maintenance Mistakes You Need to Avoid This Spring

The guttering system is a crucial part of every Australian home. It leads water away when it rains, preventing build-up and damage caused by  water pooling around the home.

The Dangers

When rainwater cannot disperse, pooling can lead to structural damage of a property. This type of damage can cause a home to show signs of wear much sooner than a home with well maintained gutters. Not to mention, nasty bugs  like cockroaches, earwigs, mosquitoes and even termites love moisture and can cause an infestation in a non-maintained gutter.

With the Summer season right around the corner, not only will storms be an issue, but fire danger is high. Damaged, leaking or dislodged guttering, poses a massive threat to homes in suburbs with high fire risk. Early Spring is the best time to start thinking about getting your gutters in top shape.

It is not uncommon for September to bring with it the first few hot, dry days of the season. Think about the last time you checked your gutters. We recommend keeping a close eye on them REGULARLY, especially around the hottest parts of the year, it only takes a few fallen leaves to cause a blockage. It is important to have maintenance carried out at least annually. If you haven’t had your gutters inspected in the last year (or ever!), it is time to contact a professional plumber.

We Can Help Fix Your Gutter

Service Today provides practical solutions for all types of gutter repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. Our technicians are experts in all kinds of guttering systems used in homes across Australia. We can help with the following:

  • Restoration and regular maintenance
  • Clearing blocked gutters
  • Repairing gutter leaks
  • Gutter replacements

Contact Us

If your gutters need attention, don’t wait. Contact us today. As with most damage around a home, the longer it is ignored, the worse the problem gets. Gutter build up can cause irreparable damage to your home. In the worst of cases, long-term lack of maintenance can cause not only external but internal water damage.

The most efficient way to protect your home is to have regular maintenance carried out. Frequent check-ups ensure that any problems are addressed sooner rather than later. Contact us to make a booking anytime, 24/7, or book online and help keep your home in the best shape this Spring!