Keeping Your Family Safe With Right Powerpoints & Powerboards

If you live in an older style home, the chances are that there are NOT enough powerpoints in your house to meet the needs of your modern family. This is a common problem that our electricians encounter on a daily basis.

Powerpoints vs Powerboards

A homeowner’s first thought is often powerboards. Powerboards can help in an instant, simply plug in and load up with your electrical devices. Right? WRONG. What many homeowners do not know is that most powerboards are not designed to be a permanent solution. They can be dangerous even if just used one time!

Powerboards allow users to plug in multiple devices, drawing power from a single powerpoint. Using just one outlet may be convenient,  but it quickly overloads your electrical circuit. Depending on the electricity drawn by each device in use, the risks can be even more significant.

“Poor maintenance and incorrect usage of power boards can result in home and office fires endangering lives and causing considerable damage to property. Statistics show that over 350 residential house fires are started by electrical faults in NSW each year.”
Fire NSW


Check out our powerboard safety do’s and don’t’s to keep your electrical safety knowledge sharp. While it is great to be in the know about what to do and what not to do when it comes to powerboards, the best way to keep your family and your home protected is to have regular electrical safety inspections carried out.

Electrical Safety Inspection

We recommend that you contact your local electrician once a year for a complete inspection of your home’s electrical system. Regular electrical safety inspections are the best way to ensure you avoid dangerous and costly damage to your home.

A licensed electrician will inspect the following:

  • Wiring in the main switchboard
  • Breakers for safe operation
  • Outside meter and enclosure
  • Main feeders outside
  • Surge protectors
  • Exhaust fans for proper operation
  • Lights, switches, dimmers, receptacles and ceiling fans
  • All connections to major appliances
  • All main service grounding
  • Any exposed wiring in roof cavity and throughout house
  • Any outside and inside disconnects
  • Grounding and connections
  • Switchboard for a tune up

An electrical safety inspection could save your home and loved ones in the event of a surge from a power board or any other disruption to the electrical system. When it comes to electricity, it is always safest to leave it to the professionals. Contact a licensed electrician Sydney or from your nearby location to have your home inspected today.

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