Protecting Your Home Against Power Surges

Do you know what a power surge is? Do you know what causes it? Most importantly, do you know if your home is safe?

A power surge is an unexpected interruption to electricity flowing through a system. Power surges trigger a circuit breaker and turn off your home’s electricity. These electrical spikes are highly dangerous, they damage appliances and in some cases can even cause electrical fires- destroying entire homes.

What Is A Power Surge?

Many homeowners misunderstand power surges. There is no sole reason for a surge. They can occur as a result of many circumstances including:

  • Lighting strikes.
  • Farm animals or wildlife destroying electrical equipment and causing damage.
  • Tree branches that fall on or grow over power lines.
  • Running high-powered electrical devices such as spas, refrigerators, and air conditioners.
  • Restoration of power after a blackout (if all appliances are plugged in and turned on at once).

The Dangers

Power surges not only damage appliances, but they also destroy power outlets and light switches around the home. In some cases, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damages to the home and appliances. Surges can happen very unexpectedly, at any time.

A surge can occur in nanoseconds, making it impossible to prevent damage in the moment. However, by planning ahead and having surge protection installed, your home is safe at all times.

Our Recommendations

Many homes, particularly in older, established suburbs do not have surge protection. We recommend a “two-step” system- a surge protector in the electrical box, and individual surge protectors on each appliance.

Step 1

The first stage addresses power spikes before they enter the property. Typically located at the switchboard, this form of surge protection will prevent voltage fluctuations in the main electricity grid from entering your home’s electrical system.

Step 2

The second stage addresses spikes within your home. This form of surge protection is located directly at the appliances power supply.

To protect your home and extend the life of your electrical appliances, contact a licensed electrician and have surge protection installed in your home. Electricity should never be a DIY job. Contact us 24/7 or book online to arrange an appointment with our licensed electricians. Let us take care of your home today!