Air Conditioning Electricity Costs

Tips And Tricks To Save On Winter Electricity Costs In The Eastern Suburbs


air conditioning electricity costsWith winter just around the corner in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, it’s a good time to prepare yourself for the rising costs of heating your home. Service Today has put together a list of 6 ways to keep your electricity costs under control this winter.

  1. Switch Off

With the advancement of technology in your Eastern Suburbs home comes an army of devices that burn through your power supply in Standby mode. Unless you actually switch off your gadgets at the source, they continue to use electricity as they sit idle, waiting for you to press ‘Go’. Try using a standby power control to keep tabs on who’s on and who’s off while you’re doing other things.

  1.   Seal The Deal

When hot air rises, cooler air rushes in to fill the void. If your doors and windows are not shut or properly sealed, this could add to your electricity costs in winter. Where possible, make sure doors and windows are closed and keep curtains shut at night time to stop the heat transfer through glass.

  1. Audit Appliances

Heating and cooling make up a substantial portion of your household energy bill. Older heating appliances are less energy efficient and can send more than your temperature skyrocketing. Not only are old heaters hazardous, they tend to have a low energy rating.

  1. Smarter Light

Lighting is a big consumer of energy. The illuminating fact is that choosing smarter lighting options such as LED lights is a simple way to keep your ongoing costs down.

  1. Hot Water

Your morning shower could be costing you more than you thought. Water heating is the second largest contributor to household energy use in Australian homes. If your tank is older than 5 years, it could cost you. Have a technician or plumber in Eastern Suburbs check that your tank works efficiently this winter to keep your hot water flowing and your bills under control.

  1. Wash Wisely

When we’re indoors fighting away the winter blues, we tend to cook more. Dishwashers can be real power suckers, so wash wisely and only use the dishwasher when it’s full. Opt for the eco-wash option and remember to turn it off between washes.

Talk to a Service Today technician about ways to get winter-wise in the Eastern Suburbs. Our team have a great range of energy-efficient and cost-conscious heating options to keep you safe and warm this winter. With our interest-free finance options, you can start preparing for winter, today.

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