Why do my Light Bulbs Keep Blowing?

Most light bulbs on the market are advertised with a life expectancy in approximate hours – but if you’ve been finding that some lights in your home are burning out faster than they should be, don’t immediately put the cause down to a faulty product. Here are some other possible reasons your light bulbs might keep blowing; rule these out first before you spend a fortune repeatedly buying new globes!

Light Bulbs Blowing


Have you noticed that light bulbs in a particular fixture are frequently burning out? The reason could come down to the fact that you might be using the wrong type of bulb. A bulb that is too large for the light fixture, or placing the wrong globe into an enclosed fixture, can lead to overheating and eventually cause it to burn out.

Partially or fully enclosed fixtures can cause excess heat to build up around a bulb when the light is switched on; and the longer it is exposed to this heat, the shorter its lifespan becomes. These types of fixtures often include:

  • Recessed fixtures
  • Domed ceiling and flush wall lights
  • Ceiling fan lights

In fact, overheating is one of the most common reasons your lights might keep blowing. When halogen lamps, which get very hot, are placed in confined confined spaces (such as glass diffusers) the heat cannot escape – causing the bulb to overheat and blow. Consider replacing your bulbs with cooler-running, energy saving LEDs and always check that you purchase the correct wattage and size bulb for your fixture; to prevent overheating and extend the life of your globes.

Why do my Light Bulbs Keep Blowing?

Are you Screwing Your Bulbs in too Tight?

Screwing a light bulb in too tightly can actually be a reason for it to burn out. By over-tightening a bulb, the small metal tab inside the light socket can bend down too far and ruin the connection. Once this connection has been damaged, electrical arcing can occur; which can cause the light to burn out much faster than normal. Over time, the connection point can eventually become so damaged that no light bulb will work properly in that particular fixture.

If you suspect the tab inside your socket has been pushed down too far as a result of the bulb being screwed in too tightly, this is a problem that can generally be fixed by pulling the tab back up with pliers. Never try to re position the tab with your finger, and always ensure that the power is disconnected before attempting to raise the tab back into position with the pliers. The safest option is to contact a licensed electrician, who can professionally assess the situation and carry out any required repairs in a safe and efficient manner.

High Voltage!

The standard voltage in Australian homes should be within the approximate range of 216.2-253V. However, if the supply in your home is higher – this can cause your light globes to burn brighter and, consequently, to burn out much faster. If you have found that multiple bulbs around your home have a shorter lifespan than expected, high voltage could be the culprit. In this situation, it is recommended that you contact a qualified electrician from Service Today to check and measure your electrical supply. Should any issues be detected, they will be able to provide you with professional recommendations for an effective solution to the problem.

Vibrations in the Fixture

Depending on the location of lighting fixtures within your home, if any are subject to excessive vibration, this could provide another explanation as to why your bulbs keep burning out quickly. Fixtures located in areas such as near or underneath children’s rooms, under or near the stairs, in ceiling fans and other ‘high vibration’ areas, are commonly affected. This is because movement can cause the filament in the bulb to jiggle and burn out quicker than normal. Similarly, a fixture that has not been correctly installed and is not well-secured can be subject to excessive vibration.

Rough service light bulbs are an alternative option, with a thicker filament to make them more resistant to excess vibration and movement. Speak to a professional electrician about the different types of light globes available, and the best options for your home.

Loose Wiring

Another reason for bulbs to burn out too quickly could be due to poorly installed or loose wiring. Damaged or loose wires can result in fluctuating current, which can destroy the filament in a bulb. However, if you are not an electrical pro; loose or damaged wiring is not something to be messing about with on your own. If you have any concerns regarding the wiring surrounding your lights, or anywhere in your home, it is important that you call a licensed electrician to carry out a thorough inspection and attend to any wiring issues ASAP.

Why do my Light Bulbs Keep Blowing?

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