Electrical Safety Tips For Home Renovation


With the idea of home renovation and your attempt to save some bucks by performing DIY home renovation tasks yourself, certain important electrical safety tips can be overlooked, which are essential for your home. Electrical safety is paramount and should not be taken lightly because an electrical system has a potential to damage your premises.

However, with so many renovation tasks around, electrical work is best left to the certified electricians. Hiring a reliable electrician is always a great idea for making your home renovation process safer!

Follow our simple electrical safety tips when renovating your home for keeping you and your family safe and secured.



There are certain electrical tasks that are difficult to DIY. Well, you should always hire a licensed electrician for all the electrical jobs and installations during renovating your home.

According to the law, an electrical job comprises various important factors such as the manufacturing, testing, installing, maintaining, altering, repairing, removing or replacing any electrical equipment. Therefore, while you’re renovating your home if you come across any of the above-mentioned factors, you’ll have to call a certified electrician. While you’re hiring an electrician, make sure to look for a fully qualified professional with valid license to perform the task.

Some of the important electrical tasks that should not be performed by homeowners are as under:

  • Fix a power board or extension cord.
  • Light switch replacement.
  • Replace a battery holder with a new light fitting.
  • Replace a light fitting with a ceiling fan.
  • Alter or install new power point.
  • Replace a plug at the end of a lead.
  • Testing or repairing electrical appliances such as electrical kitchen appliances, heaters, etc.



No wonder, we use various electrical appliances in our everyday lives. They offer many benefits, but with these benefits, there are certain hazardous things, which is important to consider. In fact, it is important to plan how you will execute your electrical tasks to ensure your safety, which doesn’t lead to a shocking experience.

However, there are certain electrical tasks that homeowners can DIY if they want, which are listed below:

  • Pond pumps installation.
  • Install an electric wall oven in a kitchen, but not connect it.
  • Garden lights installation.
  • Replace a washing machine’s drive belt.
  • Replacing the light bulbs by using correctly rated globes for your fixture otherwise if you surpass the ratings then it may melt and likely to catch a fire.


Electrical safety

Once the home renovation process is completed and your home is ready for the routine life, there are certain general electrical safety tips that can help you to protect yourself and your family members from hazardous mishaps.

  • Always call a certified electrician from Service Today for doing any electrical work in your home.
  • Ensure to pull the plug and not the cord when disconnecting any electrical appliances.
  • Never remove the plug or touch an electrical appliance when your hands are wet.
  • Keep your home’s electrical system away from water sources.
  • If the appliances are no more in use, make sure to unplug them for better safety.
  • Ensure to inspect your home’s electrical system and appliances regularly, but for regular maintenance, hire a certified electrician from Service Today. Our trained and licensed electricians strive to fulfil all your electrical needs.


If you’re performing a home renovation project and experiencing some electrical issues, Service Today is the name you can rely on! You can count on our certified electricians, as they are highly trained in performing all types of electrical tasks.

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